Masami Endo

Masami Endo was born and dfostered in Sapporo, Hokkaido in Japan.
Throughout Japan, she is a highly recognized singer-songwriter having had many solo performances and collaborated with many major jazz artists and arrangers including Noriko Sunamoto, Shiro Sadamura, Satoshi Ishikawa, Kei Wada, and Takayoshi Baba.


She made her debut at jazz clubs in Tokyo in 2005. She released her debut album, La Plata Gawa No Mukou (Beyond The River Plate), on April 17, 2013, under TOKYO BEAT RECORD. This album has received extensive radio play from major national stations such as FM Salus 84.1 MHz, FM 81.3MHz, FM NORTH WAVE, Radio Shonan FM 83.1MHz and FM YAMATO 77.7MHz. Endo’s second album, Endorphin, was released on December 11, 2014. She rose to fame with the song Namida (Tears) from her second album Endorphin which was featured on a television program on Akita Television in November, 2014.


Since 2017 Masami regularly performs at Jazz Club JZ Brat SOUND OF TOKYO that offers an excellent selection of players who play quality bebop, modern, and hard-swinging jazz, as well as the occasional pop-oriented rhythm and blues act. She is well-recognized as one of the great musicians who spans a variety of genres and styles, but is consistently top-notch and well established in Tokyo’s jazz scene. Masami has been having a sold-out showcase there.


Lately Masami collaborated with Koichi Nishimura who makes a heart-shaped piece with Washi paper tapes and now has over 1800 pieces at TED*xICU event independently organized by ICU (International Christian University) which is considered to be the most prestigious Liberal Arts College in Japan and has several partner institutions worldwide including The University of California system, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Yonsei University, University College London and more. In this event Endo’s Hikousen (Blimp), Namida (Tears), Okinawan Tinsagu Flower were featured.


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2005年より東京都内のジャズ ライヴハウスを拠点に演奏活動を始める。
TOKYO BEAT RECORDSより、2012年に「ラ・プラタ河の向こう」、
上記3枚のアルバムは全てAmazonにて販売中。 また、全楽曲を各種音楽配信サイトにて配信中。


2021 年より、プロデューサーに高橋良一氏を迎えてのレコーディングプロジェクトを開始。
2021 年 3月に「飛行船」、7月に「てのひら」、2022 年 2月に「君といた夏」、同年 9月に「Washing Machine」、2023年4月に「欠片」と、現在までに4作を配信リリース。
最新作「Fancy you」を2023年9月に配信リリース予定。
「Washing Machine」は、フジテレビ系「魔女に言われたい夜」の2022年11月度のエンディングテーマに起用される。